Privacy & Cookies Policy

I. GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation

1. Form data
The site collects consent-based form input data, which is stored securely, for technical support purposes related to the management of customer orders/reservations, and/or registrations to the newsletter.
All the information collected via the form on the site is listed within the Hôtel Les Glycines.
Internet users who have used our forms can request the erasure of this information at any time.
The following information may be collected on our contact form:
Last name, first name, email, subject and any other personally identifiable information provided in the “your message” field.
These data are stored for as long as necessary to provide the requested service (contact, request for information, reservations, etc.). Following receipt of this form, the data will be stored but will not be processed for any other purpose.
If you wish to delete or modify your data, please contact:

2. Respect for personal data

2.1. Access data
You can at any time request the information attached to your e-mail address for contact or registration for a service. For any request, please contact:

2.2. Rectify data
You can at any time rectify the information attached to your e-mail address for contact or registration for a service. For any request, please contact:

2.3. Erase data
You can delete the information attached to your contact or service registration email address at any time. For any request, please contact:

2.4. Opt out
You can unsubscribe from all newsletter subscriber lists at any time. Please use this link to unsubscribe:

Note: the data submitted to us for subscription to the Newsletter is limited to the email address only, so it is not personally identifiable. This may affect your rights above or our ability to obtain a copy, correct or erase your data as there is no way to trace you.

2.5. How do we ensure your data is secure?
The Hotel Les Glycines considers data security with the greatest vigilance and in this context and ensures that the data we collect is protected against any unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction.

  • All the pages of the site benefit from the “https” protocol so that exchanges are encrypted using SSL.
  • We regularly review our data collection, storage and processing practices, including physical and electronic security measures.
  • We limit access to your personal data only to Hotel Les Glycines employees who need to access it to provide the requested services.
  • All of our employees are subject to strict confidentiality and non-disclosure obligations, breach of which may result in termination and/or liability.

2.6. Subcontractors
When you use one of the forms on our website, the data is transmitted directly to our hosting server which is managed by our web agency: Matière Noire 20 rue du Pâtis 89130 Toucy.

2.7. Questions about our best practices?
If you have not found an answer to your questions regarding our compliance with GDPR directives within the Hotel Les Glycines, please contact us at the following address:

2.8. General GDPR information
Hotel Les Glycines strives to comply with GDPR regulations and encourages you to do the same. To familiarize yourself with the provisions and modifications of the GDPR, we invite you to consult the CNIL website:

NOTE: This page of the website is not intended to provide legal advice, its sole purpose is to inform you about our compliance with the GDPR directives. For any specific need concerning you, we recommend that you consult your own legal adviser.

II. Cookies

1. Privacy & Cookies
By connecting to our site, it is likely to install one or more cookies in your terminal during their legal period of validity. Cookies are data stored on an Internet user’s computer, tablet or smartphone and used by the transmitting site to send information to the Internet user’s browser, thus allowing it to send information back to the transmitting site. In accordance with the legislation in force in France, we must inform you of the purpose of these cookies, the collection of your consent prior to the deposit of the latter, and the means of opposing them, before carrying out your navigation on our site. .

2. Cookies are used to
– Analyze the frequentation of our site (Google Analytics).
– Optimize the offers, services and/or ergonomics of our site
– Store information related to contact forms, products or services to which you have subscribed; etc… No information related to means of payment is stored on our site.
However, third-party cookies are likely to be issued at the time of booking via booking platforms (Thaïs, Booking, or partner sites), or when sharing via our social networks.
We inform you that the issuance and use of cookies by third-party issuers will be subject to the privacy protection policies (GDPR) of these third-party issuers.

3. How to delete cookies from your computer or smartphone
Your browser software can be configured to save cookies or not. This can be configured so that the acceptance or refusal of cookies is offered to you from time to time, before a cookie is likely to be saved.
If you refuse or delete the registration of cookies, you will no longer be able to benefit from certain functionalities necessary for browsing on certain pages of our Site. If necessary, we decline any responsibility related to the degraded functioning of our services. Regarding the recording of cookies in your computer, smartphone or tablet, if you have accepted it, they will be temporarily stored in a dedicated space on your terminal during their period of validity and will only be readable by their issuer.

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